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Shop with confidence! Enjoy our 30-day money-back guarantee & secure payments
Shop with confidence! Enjoy our 30-day money-back guarantee & secure payments

Kids Tablet Android Dual Camera WiFi Education Game

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Educational tablet for children - over 20 educational apps and learning games

Do you want to find a way to educate your children but still make them feel interested? Let’s try our Smart kid educational tablet. This product is a combination of fun and learning for ages 1-10 years 
Do the children insist on playing on your smartphone? Stare at TV screens with non-promotional content?

Let us present for them and for you - the parents, the most effective, educational and satisfying solution and answer to the needs and requests of the children,

An amazing combination of age-appropriate content control, apps and recommended learning games.
Educational tablet for children, Has 20 apps and educational and free learning games, with the option to download more apps.

Thanks to its compact size, intuitive touch screen and simple operating system, the educational tablet will be a great way of age-appropriate learning. Watching controlled content, a game hour that combines learning, reading e-books and more ...
The educational tablet is suitable for ages 1-10 years.

renew oneself with the perfect children's gift that every parent and child will be happy to receive - an educational tablet with added educational value, which will strengthen and enrich skills and learning while combining a fun gaming experience!


# Memory: 512 MB
# Storage capacity: 8 GB
# Size: .7,800 * 1,280 inches
# WIFI support
# Bluetooth support
# Memory expansion support - up to 32GB
# Keyboard in a variety of languages, text and primary English (can be changed to other languages).
# Battery: 3,750 mAh, continuous video can be played for about an hour.
After the first charge of 12 hours
Before using the product.
# Charged by USB cable (included in the kit)
# 0.3 MP front and rear camera
# Screen resolution: 1024 * 600
# Operating System: Android 4.4
#sound system

The educational tablet comes with a protective cover adapted for children, with a handle on the back, for comfortable and accessible use, in an innovative bear design in 4 colors to choose from: orange, blue, pink, green.

Why our recommended educational tablet?

✅The most adapted and effective solution for combining play and learning.
✅Has 20 educational learning and parental control apps.
✅ Technical specifications adapted for use by the little ones with a maximum response and satisfying to their areas of interest.
✅ High-quality protective cover with a design adapted to children and a rear handle for convenient and accessible use.

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